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Lego for Nepal continues Lego Program at schools in Nepal

On April 23rd, Angela and Rita arrived in Nepal. Angela came here for the second time and Rita for the first time. Together, they will continue working on the project ‘Lego for Nepal’. With the ‘Lego for Nepal’ project the Edulent Foundation and Volunteer Society Nepal introduces students  in Kathmandu, Nepal to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (in short STEM), hands-on-learning and 21th Century skills. The Edulent Foundation has joined hands with Volunteer Society Nepal and a group of enthusiastic FIRST® LEGO® League teams/coaches and partners from all over the world. Together we have made this incredible journey and changed the life of children in Nepal for the better.

Focus on Sustainability

Now there is a new focus, which is on sustainability. How will we keep promoting the Lego program and continue on the right track? Together with the CBIA school, Angela and Rita have made a plan and agreement together.

Lego for Nepal Agreement

Angela: “April 29 was a very important day for our project. We signed a contract between the Robotics Association of Nepal [RAN], the CBIA school, Edulent Foundation and Volunteer Society Nepal. RAN will educate a new group of Nepali students at the other side of Kathmandu with the help of LEGO Mindstorms NXT sets donated by the FIRST community! They will embrace the FIRST core values and thoughts even do they don’t have excess to Lego challenge mission sets or extra Lego (there is not a FIRST partner in Nepal). Our common goal is to organize a small STEAM event in 2020 with 4 or maybe even 6 teams, so 2 down 4 to go!”.

Proud to be part of the ‘Lego for Nepal’ program

We are very proud to work together with Angela and Rita of the Edulent Foundation on a long term base. Together we will make a difference for these children. We can’t wait to see what the future will hold. In May, another Lego League Team will arrive from Australia to continue the program. If you and your Lego League team are interested in coming to Nepal and work together with the schools to set up teams and share skills, please visit our website.