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Volunteering in the Beautiful Mountain Area of Salleri

Volunteer Society Nepal offers both urban and rural (mountain) volunteering. One of the rural areas where we send volunteers to is Salleri. It is located in a beautiful area not far from Mount Everest! It’s a small town nestled in the mountains that is the market town for even smaller villages in the surrounding area. The local people hike in the mountains for hours to get to the Salleri market on Saturday and sell their goods. In Salleri we have volunteering in multiple projects:

  • Teaching at the school
  • Assisting and playing at the pre-school
  • Teaching at the monastery
  • Health programs at the health clinic + workshops and health checks at the schools
  • Construction projects

Volunteer Serena has recently gone to Salleri and has made some amazing videos. You can watch them below.

The Jeep Ride from Kathmandu to Salleri

Volunteering at the Monastery in Salleri

A fun Saturday into the mountains in Salleri