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Fundraising for Mini-Van for Children with Disabilities

We from Volunteer Society Nepal are happy to announce that we have started a collaboration with the Wild Geese Foundation in the Netherlands. Together with them we start fundraising for the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities.

Mini-van for Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities is much Needed

Due to the problems in transportation, many children with physical and intellectual disabilities do not have the option to come to our center. They stay at home in small rooms and have no option to play, learn, and receive physical therapy. A mini-van to take them to the center is therefore very much needed. Volunteer Society Nepal has promised to pay for the driver’s salary. Now it’s up to us to raise funds for the minivan.

Wild Geese Foundation Fundraising Promise

Wilde Geese Foundation has promised us that they add 50% to every euro that we raise! So if you donate 1.000 euro, they will add 50% which will come to a total of 1500 euro!

Are you an old volunteer? Are you a new volunteer and thinking about coming to Nepal? Please think about this project and help us raise funds! Please email ‘fundraise for minivan’ to contact@volunteersocietynepal.org

And we will send you our instructions and a list of fundraising ideas.

Also please have a look at this movie of the Center for Children with Disabilities to get an idea about this beautiful project.

For more information on volunteering at the center please visit our page.