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Volunteer work in Nepali hospitals

Yet another volunteer to sign up with Volunteer Society Nepal and to arrive in Nepal is Miss Elizabeth Trout all the way from the United States of America. She is a medical doctor by profession and decided to offer her services as a doctor for free for 4 weeks to some hospitals in Nepal. We really appreciate her noble intent to give away four weeks of her life to the people of Nepal.

She is at the moment under orientation course as Volunteer Society Nepal usually conducts for incoming volunteers. After finishing the orientation, she will be working in a hospital in Kathmandu.

How does a volunteer help?

Volunteer Society Nepal has three different types of health placements for volunteers in Nepal:

1. Medical student placements

If you are studying to become a medical professional then this is the placement for you. Volunteers on this program will have the opportunity to carry out basic health checks in clinics, observe Nepali doctors in hospitals, and practice in your elected field. For most of this placement, you will shadow Nepali doctors, who will have good spoken English. On this placement, you may also get the chance to run/take part in VSN’s own health camp, which moves between needy communities offering basic medical care.

2. Medical professional’s placements

If you are a qualified medical professional then you have the opportunity to work in hospitals, medical clinics and health camps. Please note that working as a medical professional/ student in Nepal may be very different to your experiences in your home country. Medicine names and practices may differ here and volunteers have to adapt to these changes. Although VSN provides the service of an interpreter where necessary, communication can sometimes limit the actions of our volunteers. This said, volunteers often relate that these factors enhance their experience in Nepal, forcing them to learn quickly on the job.

3. Pre-medic placements

These placements are available for those who have a desire to work in the medical profession, but are not yet qualified or studying medicine. As a volunteer on this placement, you will be given the opportunity to observe doctors in clinics and run your own health awareness programs in schools, women’s groups, disability centres and other community organizations. These awareness groups will provide local communities with sanitation knowledge and first aid training.