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Social Activities of Volunteers

Volunteering in Nepal is not all about helping with  the projects of Volunteer Society Nepal. It is also about making new friends. There are several activities you can do during your stay in Nepal. You can enjoy the natural beauty, do some trekking and even observe the Nepalese life style and cultures. Nepal is a country of multi-language, multi-culture and multi-ethnicity. It is a great place for learning various unique cultures and lifestyles.

Celebrating the Festival of Nepali New Year

On the auspicious occasion of Nepali New Year, a team of volunteers Tirzah, Koen, Frans and Simone had a great time in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Bhaktapur is an ancient heritage site that attracts a lot of tourists because of its unique art crafts and sculptures. The volunteers had a great time together. When they were there they could watch the local festival Bisket Jatra. Bisket Jatra is celebrated with much joy and fun by the Nepali locals. It is a weeklong festival that marks the ancient solar Nava Barsha (New Year). The jatra commences after a special Tantric ritual in the Bhairab temple in Taumadhi Tole in Bhaktapur. They place the statues of Bhairav and Bhadrakali in large chariots (locally known as Rathas) and pull them through crowds of cheering onlookers.

Activities in Bhaktapur: a great Place to Visit

Apart from the festival the art and craft of the square was the major attraction. There was also a small concert organized and the volunteers to see how the New Year is celebrated. The volunteers enjoyed walking along the small streets and squares of Bhaktapur. They ended their day with lunch and returned happily to their homestays. Bhaktapur is only a short bus ride from the area where Volunteer Society Nepal is located. So for volunteers it’s easy to visit.

Volunteers making Friends for Life

Social activities are always preferred by the volunteers. They are always keen on making new friends and show interest in knowing each other. You can share your experiences and problems with each other. Getting to know each other really can turn to be productive when you have some problems. You can learn and get some innovative ideas from one another. Volunteer Society Nepal is very keen on engaging the volunteers in social activities.

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