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Book Project to Donate to School Libraries

There are many community schools in Nepal, even in the major cities like Kathmandu, which do not have libraries. In today’s world, knowledge is not only gained in classrooms by listening to teachers and studying course books. But also by engrossing oneself in the world of book literature. The kids in our community schools are missing out on the world of fiction and science-fictio. At the same time, this is limiting their creativity and imagination skills.

Book Donation Project

With this in mind, Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is starting an initiative to start a Book Donation Project. We hope that our volunteers would donate at least 5 books. These can be of any genre suitable for the children of ages 7 to 18. The books may be new or second hands which are still in good quality. If your books have any of the following issues, they usually won’t be accepted: Dirty, mouldy, burnt, water damaged, damaged binding or pages, missing covers or pages, excessive writing, markings, or highlighting. Donated books will be kept at VSN office for certain time period until the numbers of the books meet the target. Then the collected books will be donated to various community schools according to their needs. This is all for the purpose of providing a good library to the students.

Education at the Schools

In Nepal, many do not emphasize on reading story books as much as the people in other countries do. Children focus on studies alone and forget to expand their creativity. However, this can be changed by applying “One child, one book” policy. Every book donated will play a huge role in the lives of these underprivileged kids. They will be able to rejoice in the world of words and create their own stories as well. Hence, we highly request you all to donate books, be a part of this project and be a part of this change. If you have any further queries relating to the Book Donation Project, please feel free to ask us while you’re at the VSN office or mail us, as per your convenience. We hope that this initiative will bring a core change as far as the intellectual developments of the children is concerned.

Thank you!

Volunteer teaching at school in Pokhara