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Laura at the Talent School

Meet our talented volunteer Laura Goldberg from the Netherlands. She is a pedagogical science student from the University of Amsterdam and is currently studying the master ‘Youth at Risk’. Laura is here in Nepal because her university encouraged her to go abroad for internship. She has been doing her internship at one of our projects called the Talent School. In total, she will be with Volunteer Society Nepal for two months.

The Talent School

The Talent school is one of our projects established focusing on helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the Talent school they get help with their homework, socialize and play educational games. We also organize workshops for them that focuses on professional skills for the future. It has been a year since we have launched the program. We launched it in coordination with volunteer Tirzah Berger from the Netherlands. The Talent school is a great opportunity for both students and volunteers to meet each other and collect new experience.

Laura’s Experience

“The Nepali culture is very different than in the Netherlands. I found the kids very obedient and Nepali people very polite”. With the intent of teaching the students both practically and theoretically and giving them fun education, Laura has been working hard at the Talent school. Laura’s background refers more broadly to the theory and practice of education, and how this influences the growth of learners. With this background Laura is helping the kids doing their homework and helping the teacher of the Talent School to guide them. She is also teaching them fun educational games. Laura also organized a meeting with the parents of the kids and their teachers. Together they are trying to increase the quality of the Talent School.  

We welcome all the volunteers to share their ideas and teach them new things with our students in Talent school. Not only the Talent School but more different projects in both remote and urban areas are here to provide you opportunities as possible.