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ICT Tablets Training at the Women Center

Ageeth is here in Nepal for the third time. She is volunteering at the Women Center. Ageeth has come from the Netherlands. She is very dedicated in bringing a lot of changes in the women center. She is in Nepal for 5 months where she will be volunteering  first and then enjoy some holidays traveling the country.

Journey to Nepal

Ageeth came to Nepal 23 years ago with a group of fellow students to go trekking. During her second visit about 11 years ago, she went on a trek to the Annapurna range. This time her desire for volunteering has brought her back to Nepal. During her first week, she volunteered at the monastery helping the monks with their studies. She made them play different games and organized different fun activities for them.

Tablets at the Women Center

Now she is volunteering at the women center for 5 weeks. She has been helping the women in learning through tablets. It’s really difficult for the women to learn and memorize things due to their age. So Ageeth decided to make the learning process easier through visual methods. She installed different apps and taught the women how to play educational games on the tablets. On the one hand, the women are learning to use the tablets, while on the other hand the educational games are teaching them. Ageeth is very sure that this process will help the women of all levels. She is also organizing different vocabulary games for the women to make them memorize words. She has been getting a lot of positive results and is therefore very passionate to work with these women.

Teaching Methodologies at the Women Center

Ageeth has been experimenting to bring the best teaching methodology to make the teaching very qualitative either by visual methods or through PowerPoint presentations. Though it’s difficult for the women to grab things easily, they are all working hard and that’s what she appreciates the most about them. However, the variations in the levels of women are the greatest challenge.

Doing Sport Activities in Nepal

Ageeth is a very energetic women. Along with the teaching, she has been doing physical fitness games with the women  in between and after every lesson. For herself, Ageeth is also doing yoga, running, meditation, Zumba and fitness activities. She gives a great example of how, as a volunteer you can find different ways to contribute to the lives of the people in Nepal.