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Girls Empowerment through Hockey

Hellen Bottema, our energetic volunteer from the Netherlands is here in Nepal for the second time. She is volunteering at Career Building International Academy (CBIA). This is the school started and supported by Volunteer Society Nepal. Hellen plays hockey on a national level in the Netherlands and she is therefore very enthusiastic to teach the sport. With her skill set we decided it would be great if she introduced hockey to the girls at the school.

Hockey is Fun for Girls

This is Hellen her first time volunteering. Hellen is a student of sports marketing at the Johan Cruijff University of Applied Science. It was an opportunity for Hellen to do volunteering as this experience will help her in her studies. She says: “I found out that there are lots of sports for boys but not really for the girls here in Nepal. Therefore, I want to show that there is a sport for girls that is fun. The CBIA school was also enthusiastic about this idea and together we selected a group of girls who are eager to learn about hockey”.

New Hockey Project

Seven years ago, Hellen visited Nepal with her parents. She was very impressed by the culture and the kindness of Nepalese. She got interested in Hinduism and Buddhism and wants to learn more about it. Together with her dream of volunteering she decided to come to Nepal again. Hockey isn’t that well known in Nepal. But in India it’s very popular. Hellen discovered that the girls of CBIA are happy to learn this sport, even though it’s a very new sport for them. Hellen had given hockey classes in the Netherlands before. She really enjoys to teach the girls and she is very impressed by their efforts to learn hockey.

Hockey Sticks Donation

Hellen is here in Nepal for two months. She plans to do some trekking too. She is happy that she choose VSN to volunteer with. Hellen also expresses her gratitude towards The Asian Hockey Federation. They supported her project and donated 20 sticks for the children. She says: “VSN is a good organization to start volunteering. They help you a lot and they are open for different projects. When they heard I was good at hockey they suggested to have me share my skill here. They also help you out with any problems so that’s really nice, for example when you get lost in the neighborhood or get sick. Hellen started a new sports project which wasn’t introduced in VSN before. If you are interested to share your new ideas or want to join or start a sports project feel free to contact us.