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Health Program for Medical Volunteers

Many volunteers from the medical field would like to join our programs. Volunteer Society Nepal now offers a 4 week Medical volunteer program. This program is for volunteers who have finished at least 3 years of health/medical education. Through this program, you create positive impact in the local communities PLUS you learn and exchange knowledge in a hospital.

For this special medical volunteer program you will need at least 4 weeks to come to Nepal.

  1. The first days you will join our regular language and culture training.
  2. The week after that you will help at schools by conducting health camps. You will also be giving workshops on health, first aid, hygiene or other issues you notice.
  3. The last two weeks you will move to the city of Pokhara. Here you will be observing and helping at a local hospital.

What is a Health Camp?

Health Camps are conducted by volunteers at the schools. With the proper fill-out forms from Volunteer Society Nepal you start checking the health of the kids. The kids will come one class at a time and line up for the health check. You will then be checking the kid’s height, weight, lungs, vision and teeth. Among your findings are often many children with dental issues, some children can be under weighted and there are children with sight problems. Sometimes you will find more heavy cases. Examples are infections, skin rashes or even clefts or signs of mistreatment. Depending on your findings, you consult with the school and parents. You can advise them to go to a medical center for treatment or how they can take better care of the child.

How do I give Workshops?

Depending on your findings during the health checks, you can decide to give a workshop. For example, about healthy lifestyle and food, brushing the teeth or about hygiene. The location can be our schools, the disabled centers and the women center. You can develop your own workshop or use old medical workshop templates of former volunteers. It is great if you can use new technology such as Youtube videos and Powerpoint presentations.

About the Medical Rotation

In the hospital you will be visiting different departments where you can observe the medical care being given. You can talk with the doctors and ask questions. After some days, you will choose one department where you can help the rest of your time. You will be talking with and getting to know the doctors and nurses. Once you have gotten to know the doctors and nurses and established a good relationship with them, you can help with the patients and exchange each others knowledge and skills.