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Workshop on Sustainability and Climate Change

Sometimes volunteers want to do something different. Volunteer Mayke was already doing different things due to her musical skills. She plays a range of different instruments and has especially been playing the guitar. Volunteer Society Nepal offers a guitar that volunteers can borrow if they want to use it while volunteering. So Mayke has been taking the guitar to the school, women center and the center for children with disabilities. Especially at the center for children with disabilities she has very much enjoyed the enthusiasm of the children there.

Climate Change and Sustainability

In the meantime, Mayke is applying for studies in the field of Climate Change and Sustainability. To prepare herself for her studies she decided to set up a workshop about climate change for children at one of our schools. She did a lot of preparation and studies. She made a powerpoint presentation and bought materials.

Giving the Workshop

During the workshop Mayke explained a lot and then let the students work for themselves. The students had to design a home on paper first. After that they had to build the house using carton boxes and colored paper. Some really amazing designs for houses came out and the students were thrilled to do something new and challenging. After the workshop Mayke said she was nervous at first but was surprised at how good the students were listening! So we at Volunteer Society Nepal believe there might be a future teacher in her!

workshop climate change

workshop climate change

workshop climate change