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Denkfysio child sponsorship programme via Volunteer Society Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal in coordination with the generous people from around the globe willing to help the poor and deprived children aspiring to study and do something in their life, has been conducting a child sponsorship programme for the destitute and deserving students.

Volunteer Society Nepal has a close relation with Career Building International Academy, one of the best schools in the Pepsi Cola area where many sponsored children did their High School. Some of them are pursuing their higher education in Nepal itself but a majority of such students are now either doing their higher study abroad (USA, Germany, Spain, Bangladesh etc.) or they are already employed there after finishing their education in the respective countries they had been for their higher education. One of the features of Volunteer Society Nepal is playing a vital facilitating role of bridging the gap in between the sponsors and the children who are in dire need of support to pursue their education. Any kindhearted and generous person or group of people or organization having a pious notion of helping out someone in need can make a contribution towards the child sponsorship programme through Volunteer Society Nepal. This can be done entirely on an individual basis as well. At the moment Ms Babette Biemans and the team from Denkfysio has very intensely working towards this noble cause of enabling deprived children of Nepal to get the light of education.