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Some of the Benevolent Activities of Volunteer Society Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal has also been playing a facilitating role in supporting the society as and when required. It had supported the reconstruction of the school building in a remote area in 2015 when a devastating earthquake occurred in Nepal by providing Galvanized Iron Sheets for making the roof of the school building and distributing food items like rice, bean lentils, etc. to the people victimized by the earthquake. And this year, the outbreak of the dreadful Corona Virus followed by a long lockdown paralyzed the whole of Nepal pushing it 50 years back. Even after the lifting up of the lockdown, Nepal has not yet been able to get back to the old rhythm.

After receiving an amount of Euro 500 equivalent to almost 60000/- NPR as a donation from Eva van der Zoan from the Netherlands to help out the needy people, VSN carried out a small and quick survey to find the neediest among the needy people. It did not take a long time for VSN to find the same and decided to support Nepal Disabled Association (Khagendra New Life Center), Jorpati established in the year 1970 AD and located at a distance of about 15 Kms. north-east of Kathmandu and Buddhist Monastery at Bouddha, 10 Kms. east of Kathmandu.

Last week a team from VSN visited Nepal Disabled Association (Khagendra New Life Center), Jorpati, where currently 64 physically impaired people are taking shelter and supported with day-to-day essential commodities. Similarly, Buddhist Monastery at Bouddha will be supported with food items like rice, pulses, etc. Helping out people in need is another aspect adopted by VSN. All the people with a kind and generous hearts are requested to lend their helping hands in pious work VSN is pursuing.