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Women center gets new look thanks to multiple donations

The “Rosemary Bruce Trust” provided a donation to Volunteer Society Nepal to reconstruct the women center. The mission of the women center is to bridge the education gap in Nepal. It provides English, Math and Nepali classes to women who did not receive a full education at a younger age. Volunteers play a huge role in providing these women with an education. Along with the different classes they also get free medical checkups and yoga classes. Since then many volunteers have been lending helping hands to buy things required for the center and to further improve the women’s education.

Donations of curtains, speaker and stove

Two volunteers, Bertina van der Hulle and Caitlin Ward, donated some money to buy curtains, a sound speaker, a microphone, a gas stove and a pressure cooker. The women are very grateful and thankful for them; this made the center look more cozy and homely. Further, the women get more privacy while doing yoga and while receiving classes. With the microphone and speaker they can now sing and dance on their social Fridays. Also, when there is a special celebration, the ladies can cook delicious food together! They will also further promote the momo cooking workshops and cookbook for future volunteers.

Money and bills

Together the ladies decided what the center needs the most. Volunteer Society Nepal provided the main teacher with the donation after the volunteers had made their decision. The main teacher made sure to bring the bills back as proof of what they bought. This is important as it shows the donors how their contribution has helped. If you would like to provide a donation, please visit our donations page or contact us here.

Women empowerment

With the generous help and support from the volunteers, the center is now equipped with many useful things. Overall, the women center is successfully improving the education of the ladies. Many of the women now have basic English language skills. Their math and Nepali has also improved. The works done by the center is praiseworthy. Through the power of education, we want to empower these women and help them become independent. Day by day the ladies are improving. They are an enthusiastic and dedicated group of women who are determined to improve theirs and their children’s lives. If you want to volunteer at our women center please apply for a volunteering placement with us.