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Volunteers give Art Workshop at Women Center

Art is a great way to express yourself and test your creativity. Today at the Women Center volunteer Christina, with the help of volunteer Elena from Belgium and Myriam from Italy, organized an Art Workshop for the women.

The Art Workshop Instructions

The women were divided up in groups of 5 and were shown how to use paint and materials from nature to create a work of art. They were ask to think about their emotions and try to express it through the paint onto the sheet in front of them. The women went out and found leaves, flowers, small sticks and more to use for the drawings. After the workshop each group of women would come forward and explain the artwork that they made.

Ideas and skills from Volunteers

As a volunteer you can bring new skills and ideas with you to Nepal. Christina is a Social Work and Early Childhood education teacher-student in Finland and has brought her knowledge to the Women Center. Seeing her work with the women has also taught Nepali teacher Sonam a thing or two about giving art classes. This way Christina’s work will help the women and teachers of the Women Center! And of course the workshop could not have been done without the assistance of volunteers Myriam and Elena.