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Denkfysio sponsorship programme through Volunteer Society Nepal

Even when the entire world is reeling under immense pressure resulted from the formidable Covid 19, the show must go on. Similarly, Volunteer Society Nepal has been very intent on pursuing to explore possibilities to be of some help to the community though to a small extent. It is very true that the smallest deed is better than the biggest intention.

Volunteer Society Nepal has been in constant contact with Mrs Babette Biemans from Denkfysio (an organization in the Netherlands) who has kindly consented to support 2 (two) children for a period of 2 years for their school education. Having done a small survey in the school to find out the most deserving students, Volunteer Society Nepal came up with two students, namely Asmi Gurung and Babina Thapa Magar.

Asmi Gurung who is 5 years old studying in Upper Kindergarten (UKG) at the moment, is very good at learning new things. Because of lockdown her father, a plumber by profession is jobless for a long time whereas her mother works as a maid. Her earning is far from being enough to run the family. Thus, Asmi truly deserves to be supported so that she can continue her education.

Babina Thapa Magar’s story is also like that of Asmi. She is 8 years old at present studying in Grade 1 (One). Her father is a driver but has no job for a long time and her mother also does not have any job. It has been very difficult for them to sustain their life in Kathmandu, let alone the education of their children. Under this circumstance, the selection of the students done by Volunteer Society Nepal is very appropriate and rightful.

As mentioned earlier, Volunteer Society Nepal has a close relationship with Career Building International Academy which is one the best schools in the locality. The school takes care of the overall development of the children. This school would be an ideal place for both Asmi and Babina to pursue their education. The parents of both Asmi and Babina have been very grateful to Mrs Babette Biemans and Denkfysio for their generosity. They felt this has been a huge support to them and want to thank the organization and Mrs Biemnas.

Denkfysio sponsorship programme through Volunteer Society Nepal

Please do join us to help building and creating brighter future of underprivileged children in Nepal.