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Career Counseling Workshops at Schools in Kathmandu

Motivation is a self guiding line of life and it helps to move ahead. People with a strong mindset an ambition have more possibilities to live the life they want. Our Board member of the Tika Foundation, Linda Lak and her husband, Rolf Lak are here in Nepal. Linda is an independent entrepreneur, journalist and a career counselor. She also is a PR manager in the charity sector and works in social business development in her home country.

Linda was here in January to visit the projects of Volunteer Society Nepal. She then went to New-Zealand and came back after her trip. This time she is here to organize career counseling workshops for the students of the Career Building International Academy (CBIA).

Volunteering Program

Linda organized career counseling workshops for the students of grade 9. First she divided them into three groups and made them describe their skills and values. Linda helped them to find these. They organized the program for two hours per day for two days. Besides the career counseling workshops, Linda’s husband took pictures.

What do the students learn?

The students of grade 9 are teenagers. This is a time where they need more guidance and motivation. The career counseling workshop gives them the opportunity to get to know themselves, their personality and to choose a career that will suit them. It also helps to develop their public speaking skills. After two years they are going to choose a subject to study and this will help them with their choice.

If you have a kind of special skill and want to give a workshop, you can contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.