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Physiotherapist Ms Lucy Mills from Australia as a VSN volunteer

Physiotherapist Ms. Lucy Mills from Australia volunteered at Centre for Children with Intellectually Disabilities during October-November 2014. During her time at disability centre, she observed & studied individual problems of the children and helped them with physiotherapies respectively. She prepared two separate folders with sufficient information for the upcoming volunteers to perform therapies and activities at the centre. These folders are also very useful for the teachers and parents.

Ms. Lucy gifted specially designed chair for Shuvam, which he likes very much. This chair helped him to stabilize his body so he is able to use his hands more easily for crafts, puzzles etc. She gifted some outdoor equipment; slide, see saw and two tricycles for the children at the centre. She is raising donations from her friends and families to help at the disability care centre.

Centre for Children with Intellectually Disabilities & Volunteer Society Nepal would like to thank Ms. Lucy for her professional help and thoughtful support. She did a wonderful thing. We would like to ensure that her generosity will directly benefit to the mentally disadvantaged children and development of this centre.