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Bakery Workshop by the students of the Talent School

Unlike other Fridays, the kids visited the local bakery nearby the Talent School for a workshop. The mentors of the Talent school monitored the whole event. It was a memorable moment for all of them as they learned about various things in the bakery. The kids learned baking a cake and creaming muffins and doughnuts. Practical knowledge through a workshop is always far better and effective than the theoretical one. Learning usually becomes more effective when there are fun activities. Every Friday there are fun and educational activities in the Talent School that give the students insights in future professions.

Workshop in the Bakery

The team of the bakery welcomed the kids with a great smile which helped in making the workshop more successful. The children learned about the varieties of cakes and the ingredients used in the bakery. Some of the major ingredients are sugar, egg, candle butter and the cream. It was very informative and interactive. The bakery team addressed the queries of the kids without any hesitation. This helped in boosting the confidence of the children and they seemed even more curious. After the children learned creaming the muffins and doughnuts , they tried it themselves. Each of them tried their best to make the muffins and doughnuts attractive. After this, all the kids along with the bakers made a very special cake . The cake was very attractive and tasty at the same time.

Children’s Opinions on the workshop

The welcoming and cheerful nature of the owners is what attracted everyone. Upon inquiring about the best part of the visit, they had different opinions. Kritika said “The most amazing part is that I learned about putting the right cream on the muffins and doughnuts”. Bipin Karki, said “Making and eating the cake was the best part”. Nish said, “This is the most amazing moment in my life as I am very keen about becoming a baker”. The event lasted for about one and half hour. The time spent was productive and informative at the same time. Not only the kids, the members of the bakery were also happy to have the kids and teach them.

The kids are all excited and very thankful to the entire bakery team for organizing such an event. Even Tirzah, the organizer of this event is very thankful for making it a grand success.

Volunteer Vacancy

We hope to be able to organize more of these type of activities for our children at the Talent School. If you come up with some ideas, you can always feel free to share this with the kids. Volunteering and enjoying your time with the kids in the school is a great way to spend time. The Talent School can be the project for you if you believe in sharing your ideas and information. Please visit this page for more information.

Bakery visit by the student of Talent School

Team of the bakery teaching how to make a cake

Bakery Workshop by the students of the Talent School

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