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A new helmet for Ritesh- VSN Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Ritesh is one of the children in the Center for Children with intellectual disabilities. When Ritesh is upset he tries to bang his head against the wall. This led to many staff and volunteers for keeping a constant eye out for poor Ritesh so that he would not hurt himself. Despite all the care sometimes he would still hurt himself and he would have a small wound on his forehead. Even when healed you can still see a scar.

To make sure that Ritesh would be safe, for the last months Volunteer Society Nepal has been searching for a solution. The solution came when Ad Lammers of Kempenhaeghe center from the Netherlands arranged a special helmet via Spronken Orthopedie. Spronken Orthopedie is an organisation that makes and delivers medical tools. With the help of some Dutch volunteers, we brought the helmet to Nepal. The Children with disabilities centre is extremely thankful for this contribution.

Collaboration for Children with Disabilities in Nepal

This is a great example of how a collaboration of a few caring people can make a big difference in the life of one small kid such as Ritesh! Thank you so much Ad Lammers, Marieke Vaandrager and Willemien en Jos for making this happen!

Ritesh now has a helmet that protects him from hurting himself. When he received it we all clapped to cheer him on and told him how amazing he looks with the helmet. And next thing we know, he was smiling and very very happy to have it and wear it. He even did a little dance!

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Ritesh with his new helmet!

Ritesh is trying on his new helmet

Ritesh looking at his new helmet in the mirror!

Look at me!

Outside the children with disabilities centre

The helmet is great for playing outside as well