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Ms Phina’s memorable participation as a teacher training volunteer at CBIA

In Nepal, teaching and learning method is very traditional which often focus on repetition from the textbooks. This teaching and learning process did not help to improve any creativeness among the children. Nepalese teachers did not get good general teaching skills training as consequence students are deprived from the quality education.

We believe that international qualified teachers can introduce new and effective teaching and learning methods which help Nepalese teachers to give quality education. International qualified teachers also can help to improve students discipline, creat friendly environment, communication with parents, conduct students support programs like extracurricular activities & practical based learning environment.

Teacher Training by our volunteer Ms Phina Tran

Ms Phina Tran from Australia conducted Science & Maths teacher training workshop at Career Building International Academy (CBIA) for six weeks during October/November 2014. She also conducted practical based classes for Middle School and High School level students with her professional ideas and school’s limited resources. Career Building International Academy’s annual science fair was also organized during her stay.  Ms Phina Trans active participation and contribution made this year’s science fair a grand success. She gifted a microscope to the school children as a token of love.

She speaks with VSN about her experience:

Adjusting to the Nepalese education system was a challenge. I was charged with trying to add a practical element but the system is geared up towards theory knowledge. Also making do with very limited resources and teachers who didn’t have much formal teacher training. I just tried to lend advice where I could.

Ms Phina suggests upcoming teaching volunteers:

Bring your own resource to share with local teachers- teacher resource books (for any subject) would be practical.

Keep an open mind about what you can do here or you need to able to take your own initiative but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The teachers are pretty open to yourself and expertise but bear in mind the Nepalese education system has a few limitations particularly curriculum wise.

She strongly advises VSN & school that future teacher trainers should be paired up with relevant teachers straightaway and meeting with all parties straightaway would help speed up the process. VSN & CBIA team highly appreciate her advice.

Thanks, Phina! VSN & CBIA will miss you a lot. We expect to have you in our organization again.