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Monastery and women empowerment volunteer

With a devout passion of helping out people in need and a keen interest in travelling to different places, Miss Mara from Italy decided to come to Nepal via Volunteer Society Nepal to volunteer her services for a period of 4 weeks. Having acquired a degree in Education she worked with teenagers as a teen educator and in elementary school as a teacher as well. While volunteering and travelling around she developed a unique thirst for Buddhism and Meditation. What better place could it be for her to quench her thirst than Nepal. She has made the right choice to come to Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha to learn about Buddhism.
After her initial orientation is done by Volunteer Society Nepal, she will be placed in a monastery and Women Centre Nepal – run by Volunteer Society Nepal where she will have a chance for all those passionate people who are enthusiastic to travel to this Himalayan residence and contribute towards the lives of underprivileged women. As a volunteer for the women empowerment program, she will mostly be working with young women and homemakers living in a village close to the capital city and close proximity to the monks in the monastery which will eventually be very handy for her to learn about Buddhism and Meditation.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism and culture. Volunteers will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn the Vajrayana form of Buddhism and witness colourful rituals and prayers. As a volunteer in the teaching English to Buddhist monks program, you will work in the monastery where you will be teaching English to Buddhist monks. during the teaching, you will be encouraged to converse with monks to improve their speech. You will also teach them about grammar rules and try to increase their vocabulary. you will work in the monastery where you will place accommodation for eating and studying. The monasteries are usually very spacious. A central building will house a prayer room. And volunteers should also be flexible practical self-motivated and open-minded to learning about new cultures.