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Message from Volunteer Society Nepal regarding Covid-19

UPDATE: As of March 23, Nepal has discovered a Corona patient that arrived in Nepal and some more corona patients have been discovered. The country is has therefore gone in Lockdown.

Dear future Volunteer,

As you know, all over the world countries have been fighting Covid-19.

Of course, this has implications for future volunteers and for the projects here in Nepal. As Volunteer Society Nepal we are trying as best as we can to keep our projects going, which is going to be very hard in the time to come! As you might know, part of each volunteer fee goes to our projects: the rent and staff salaries of the women centre, disability centre and Talent School.

When volunteers stop coming, these funds decline rapidly. Simply said: Our projects will be in danger!

We’re offering greater flexibility for changes to travel dates and destinations during this period of uncertainty.

But we also ask for your help in this.

There are three ways that we can arrange your future time volunteering with us

1.       We ask you to postpone your time volunteering with us, up until 1,5 year from now you can come and volunteer with us. Your deposit stays valid and will for now be used to keep our projects going.

2.       If you are not planning on coming to Nepal anymore, we ask you to:
– donate your deposit to our projects. WE REALLY NEED THIS NOW to keep our projects going.
– find someone else to go instead of you (can be a different volunteering project) and your deposit will be transferred to that person, who can come up until 1,5 year from now

3.       If you want your deposit back, we have to stick to the terms and conditions, which means that if you cancel volunteering, you can get 50% back if your volunteering is planned 30 days or longer from now.

100 or 200 euro might not seem much, but when we have 50 volunteers planning to arrive, for us that’s the difference of keeping our projects going or not. So please consider carefully what you would like to do. Your choice can make a difference for our women, children, staff, teachers, homestay families and more!

Maybe you like to volunteer with us from a distance? This is new for us but we can try and develop it together! Or you want to donate/set up a campaign? Please contact us or read our call for donations.

If you have any questions or wishes for us, please don’t be afraid to send us a message!

Thank you on behalf of Volunteer Society Nepal. Please stay healthy and safe, close to your community and loved ones!

Sincere greetings and lots of love from Nepal,

Team Volunteer Society Nepal