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Masterclass Positive Education

Education is the light that leads us from the darkness. It plays a vital role in shaping an individual for their bright future. Tirzah, trainer on “Parenting and Positive Education” is in Nepal to share her knowledge with the teachers of CBIA, a project run by Volunteer Society Nepal. She is from the Netherlands and is very happy to share her ideas on Positive Education and various other methodologies of teachings.

Two Day Masterclass

Tirzah organized a two-day master-class on Positive Education in coordination with VSN. The teaching staff of CBIA, a language trainer from VSN and a teacher from the Women Center attended the classes. The seminar is well managed, informative and interactive. Tirzah teaches the teachers on how to build self-confidence and positive self-esteem. In addition, she discusses various aspects such as a positive and fixed mindset and comparing and analyzing the differences between them. They compare Asian and Western education methodology. Most importantly, the women are discussing how to make the Asian methodology more effective. Tirzah encourages the teachers to ensure child’s participation and to apply fun teaching education methods to make their teaching more effective.

Making Learning Fun

The seminar is full of fun activities like games, group work, group discussions and presentations. This is to ensure the teacher’s participation on the topic. Tirzah believes teachers should be a role model. Therefore, they should handle the students carefully to get better output. She is very pleased to see the teacher’s participation and their enthusiasm to learn more. Tirzah says “The teachers are very eager to learn and this really makes the teaching fun”. At the same time, the teachers are excited and very thankful for the education classes. After the end of the sessions, the teachers receive certificates.

Asking for More Classes

As a result of the sessions, the teachers asked the trainer for more classes on building self-confidence. Hence, the teachers are extremely enthusiastic. The experiences and knowledge of the volunteers on teaching practices are very useful for our teachers. Nepal is still lagging behind in the sector of education. These types of training and workshops encourage our teachers to work hard to improve the standard of education.

If you are a teacher and would like to share your skills, please apply with us to make this a reality.