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Italian volunteer for CCID

Ms Ilaria Fighera from Italy intending to work as a volunteer in Nepal has come here and is undergoing an orientation course at the moment in coordination with Volunteer Society Nepal which is responsible for the overall planning and implementing the Volunteer Programme.

To come to Nepal amidst the gigantic threat of Covid 19 requires a lot of courage and strong fortitude. She possesses such resilience. Although the corona situation in several countries in the other part of the world is formidable, Nepal has been experiencing the least adverse of the third variant, Omicron as compared to the rest of the world. Nepal Government has already lifted the lockdown imposed a month ago because both infection and death rates have deescalated drastically whereas the recovery rate is on the rise.

After her initial orientation course, Ms Ilaria Fighera will be working in the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities located in Kathmandu for four weeks and she will go to Pokhara to teach English to the young monks in the monastery.

What does a monastery volunteer do?

Volunteers in monastery placements can teach English, Math, creative and fun activities or sports to the monks for around 3-4 hours per day. Even if you are less experienced, we have teaching materials that help you when needed. In turn, the monks share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. If you ask the monks, you can get the chance to learn meditation techniques and receive in-depth knowledge of the Buddhist culture. This is one of our most popular volunteering posts, due to the unique way it allows you to truly be involved in the life of a Buddhist monastery.