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Emotion psychology volunteer

Erika Bonassoli, 30 years old Psychologist is a licensed psychologist in Italy. She has acquired her Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and has been working as a Child Psychologist in Italy. With her Instagram Professional Profile @psicologiaperinatale she dedicated to sustain disclosure on basically children’s development.

She wanted to take a break from her job for some time and decided to come to Nepal through Volunteer Society Nepal – VSN for 6 weeks. She made the perfect decision to volunteer in Nepal by signing up with Volunteer Society Nepal – VSN.

She is very clear in her mind about what she would be doing in Nepal.  She would like to support parents and families with a specific focus in language psychomotor skills, emotions regulation and parents coaching.

This is what she has to say “At the beginning of 2022, I decided to dedicate the summer to a volunteering activity in Nepal. After contacting some associations, I found Volunteer Society Nepal, the place where now I am. Through Volunteer Society Nepal, I am working as an English teacher at the local women’s centre based in Kathmandu, with a focus on emotions regulation as part of the female program empowerment.”