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What to dress while volunteering in Nepal?

A lot of upcoming volunteers ask this question: What should I wear while volunteering with Volunteer Society Nepal? There are different projects and places, but in general, we give the same dress code advice for everyone, with a difference between the seasons of course. If you want to know what to pack for going trekking then read this article.

General dress code advice

Nepal is a country with a modest dress code. Modest means generally clothes that cover your upper legs and shoulders. So normal shirts, jeans, longs skirts are all fine. Blouses and button up shirts are good to cover your arms. Tight clothes are both uncomfortable in warm weather and will also be frowned upon.

Winter Wear (December-February)

In winter it is warm during the day and colder in the evenings. Often it’s more cold inside the house than outside! The solution to this is to dress in layers. So bring warm underwear, tank tops, short sleeves and long sleeves, so you can for example start dressing with a tank-top, a shirt, long sleeve and then a jacket. This way you can always take layers on and off.

Rainy Season (July-August)

During the rainy season it can be warm, but at the same time it will be raining often. The solution for this is to dress in loose fitted clothes that dry easily (but watch out with white clothes not to have a see through effect!). Cotton and linen are perfect for this. Also don’t forget to bring either a poncho or thin rain coat.

Dry Season (March-June and September-November)

During this season it will be warm during the day and cooling down a bit in the evening. A shirt with loose pants or thin jeans during the day is fine and a jacket will be a good add on for in the evening.

General Clothing Guidelines for our other placement


  • It’s recommended for volunteers to wear comfortable clothing that covers the body appropriately.
  • Closed-toe shoes are preferable for safety reasons.
  • It’s advisable to avoid wearing short skirts, shorts, or revealing clothing out of respect for the hospital environment.


  • Modest clothing is appreciated when volunteering at the monastery.
  • Both men and women should wear clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.
  • Loose-fitting pants or skirts and tops with sleeves are suitable.
  • Removing shoes before entering certain areas of the monastery may be required, so slip-on shoes or sandals are convenient

What do Nepali People wear?

On a daily basis most Nepali men wear jeans or cotton pants and shirts. Women dress in Sari’s or Kurta’s. Young Nepali girls often wear a combination of a Kurta and jeans or leggings. When you are in Nepal you will see that these items of clothing are for sale everywhere and Nepali people will love you for adjusting to their types of clothing! When there is a wedding that you are invited to, you might be able to borrow a traditional red Sari or you can buy one yourself!