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Donation of Computers to the Schools by VSN (November 2013)

Since the very beginning of its establishment, Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is providing supports and helps to the Schools those running in hard condition to elevate the quality of their education &  environment.

This December, Volunteer Society Nepal donated several sets of brand new desktop computers bundled with latest technologies to the schools which are desperately in need of them. We believe that the small students from these schools will certainly have the opportunity to gain experience and understanding of computers and IT.

Further donation of computers, educational materials, sports equipment, repairs & maintenance will follow according to the needs of other schools.

We welcome our well-wishers, past, present & upcoming volunteers to become the part of this program by donating any amount or materials generously.

VSN seeks applications from education professionals to help the schools in Nepal by volunteering their expertise.

Donation of Computers to the Schools by VSN (November 2013)