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Construction Project: A Bigger Classroom for the Women Center

Two volunteers from Belgium, Ine and Amber are in Nepal to contribute to the sector of women and child education. They organized a party in Belgium to raise funds for the construction of the Women Center. The Women Center has been providing education to the women in order to empower them and make them independent. Ine and Amber decided to raise funds and help in developing the infrastructures of the center so as to facilitate these women. They are helping in the construction of a new room for the beginners class of the women center. The room is now more spacious and fully protected from the rain and sunlight. We would like to thank both of them heartily for their contribution.

Here is an extract of a short interview with Ine and Amber:

How did you come to know about Nepal?

We had a friend who visited Nepal and she shared us about her amazing experiences she had collected in Nepal and she insisted us to visit Nepal. That is why we thought of making a visit to Nepal and collect amazing experiences. We also got to know about VSN and its contributions in the various sectors which really inspired us to be a part of volunteering in Nepal.

How did you come up with the idea of fund raising for the construction of the center?

We were very keen in volunteering in Nepal after we came to know about the projects of VSN. We also decided to help financially so we came up with an idea of organizing a small party where we could raise for the center. Our moms cooked Nepali foods and we invited our friends and their family members. We collected about 1200 Euros from the party and some of our other friends were also interested in helping us, so we collected around 1700 Euros.

Experiences as a Volunteer

We have several experiences as a volunteer.

Amber: I was in South Africa to help the girls with the disabilities who cannot attend the regular classes. I taught them English and it was really an amazing experience. It inspired me to continue my volunteering work.

Ine: I was in India for 2 weeks where we painted the school and worked with the social workers to bring some changes in the lifestyle of the people. It was very effective but there were some issues of social security.

This is our first experience with construction work but we are really loving it as we are able to bring some changes in the infrastructure. The fund raising went well and we are now very glad to see the fund being used properly. Besides helping with the construction, we volunteer and help the kids in the primary school in the morning. We assist the teachers and make the kids play some games. The time spent with those lovely kids is really amazing. With the construction work we are busy breaking the walls and putting the bricks together and plastering them. The center will soon get a new look. The classes will be very effective after the construction is over. Another volunteer Robert is also helping us and we are happy to work together.

For more information about the Women Center please look at our Project Page.Construction Project: A Bigger Classroom for the Women Center