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Paint and Construction Projects by Volunteers

Recently six young & energetic volunteers from Holland joined one of our VSN paint and construction projects.

Paint at Different Locations

The volunteers helped through painting at different project locations. They painted at the school and at the disabled children center which are supported and run by VSN. The walls, classrooms, furniture and metal railings were brought to life with fresh paints. The paints, brushes and other necessary materials were provided by Volunteer Society Nepal. Together we made sure that the locations look good and bright for many more years to come.

Volunteers that Contributed

Linda, Matthijs, Sarah, Emil, Kai and Peter are the volunteers who helped out. They did all those tough tasks to help improve the environment of school and disabled center. They did a great job and the locations look much better now. Besides working in construction, Linda and Matthijs also volunteered also at Buddhist monastery and Montessori School in Boudhha. Filip, also from Holland, will be helping at the construction of a school in Salleri. This school was badly damaged by the 2015 earthquake.

Combination Placements

If you like to do a combination of different placements such as teaching and construction, then VSN will make a special program for you. Please contact us and mention what you like to do in your application.

Volunteer in Nepal - Volunteer in Pokhara
Volunteer Jos, Willememiem and Peggy applying new paints in the classroom walls

Volunteer in Nepal - Volunteer in Pokhara