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Christmas Celebration at Women Center and Disability Center

Nepal is mostly a Hindu and Buddhist country. However, it is also a country that accepts and respects all kinds of religions in the world! Many religions are celebrated by all. Even if you are Hindu or Buddhist, this does not mean you cannot celebrate any other religions! During Christmas time the Women Center and center for Children with Disabilities have created their own celebrations.

Christmas at the Women Center

The women center has organised a communal meal together. At the first our the teachers asked the women to write and draw something based on Christmas feeling and Christimas spirit. Next all the woman drew and wrote on a piece of paper what Christmas means for them. After that each women got the chance to present what they made. Then there was time for preparing and making ready all the different dishes. And finally together they enjoyed all the food and enjoyed dancing and singing together!

Christmas at the Center for Children with Disabilities

At the center for Children with Disabilities all the staff came together with the children to celebrate. There were gifts and sweets for everyone put around a Christmas tree. Together the children and staff danced and sang, together with exchanging hugs and Christmas wished. And after that everyone enjoyed the sweets!