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Andrea & Julie maths award reinitiated

Ms Andrea Keniston, an industrial engineer and Julie Newby, a teacher by profession from the United States of America came to Nepal through Volunteer Society Nepal – VSN to volunteer their expertise to the people of Nepal. Both of them were in strong favour of women’s empowerment, particularly in the developing countries.

Having visited Career Building International Academy – CBIA in 2018, they instigated a noble notion of stimulating and motivating the girl students of classes ranging from 3 to 10 to better perform in Mathematics by awarding cash prizes with certificates to those girl students who score highest marks in Mathematics in their respective classes. The impact of the award was very positive on the girl students. Mathematics used to be the subject of disinterest for many students prior to commencing the award. But unbelievably the award inspired the girls in the subject. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19, it was discontinued.

Now that the school has resumed, the “Andrea & Julie Maths. Award” is also reinitiated with close cooperation with Ms Andrea and Julie who are really intended to empower women by donating the amount needed for a cash award.  This time one more award in the form of “The most improved Student in Maths” has been added in order to motivate more girl students towards this subject.

Volunteer Society Nepal – VSN and Career Building International Academy – CBIA appreciate their pious and generous deed of them and would like to extend its thanks to them. Volunteer Society Nepal is pretty optimistic that this venture will have a great positive impact on the girl students.

If anyone is interested to cooperate in such small projects resultant of bigger positive impacts, Join us and make an impact: