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Women learn ICT skills from VSN volunteers

Some months ago a Dutch family came to Nepal and brought a donation of tablets with them. Since then the women of the women center have been learning ICT skills regularly. They are being taught by our enthusiastic volunteers. For volunteers, teaching ICT is a lot of fun and the women at the women center really enjoy it as well. On the tablets are different games such as word games, English language and Math games. Therefore, by using the tablets they not only learn ICT skills but they also learn all the other subjects they need for passing their final primary or secondary school exams.

ICT: A new skill for life

Some women also learn how to Skype with relatives abroad. And they learn how to take good pictures and change the colors of the pictures in the photo shop app. Once they understand how ICT works, they can also keep up with what their children are doing on their phones, or understand what people are doing on their computers while at work. In this way a whole new world opens up to them.

Have a look at our video below and see how our volunteers are teaching and how the women are enjoying learning this new skill!