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Volunteer Experience: Christina at the Women Center

Volunteer Society Nepal has received a very talented and dedicated volunteer from Finland to teach at the Women Center. Christina is a student of Social Work, who has recently completed her bachelor level. She is here in Nepal in order to have new experiences of volunteering and also to collect traveling memories. Her first few days are for learning Nepali Language lesson and getting to know the Nepali culture along with a sightseeing of different beautiful places of the Kathmandu Valley with our language trainer and tour guide. Christina is a volunteer at the Women Center since the last week of May. She has been providing new ideas about learning English at the women’s center.

Christina her Teaching Experience

“My experiences as volunteer at at the Women Center are lovely! These Nepali Women are always happy with a warm smile which makes your day. They are very eager to learn. Many of the women are still at a beginner’s level, but during my time here, I definitely saw a progress in their English skills. It is challenging to teach English to people you don’t speak the same language with, but that’s where you have to get creative! Using your body language and do fun, creative activities is a must! I noticed the teaching methods are old fashioned. I am not a teacher myself, but I would recommend using more arts and creative activities where the women can engage with each other’’.

What do you teach at the Women Center?

 “As a volunteer, I teach group work activities, and some empowering individual activities at the Women Center. One of my favorite activities was “learning English through your resources”. So I asked the women to cut out shapes of their hand, their feet and a heart, and each one was a different color. The shapes represent certain questions. I asked them to think individually and personally:

  • The hand; “What do I like?”
  • The foot; “Who am I?”
  • The heart; “What are my dreams?”

“I do this activity with the advanced group and it went very well. This is a new method of learning for them. They got to learn new vocabulary and also, they got to think what actually gives them empowerment their resources from daily small things. As well as they got to practice their presentation skills”

Ideas of Teaching Methods

Christina is from Finland. Finland has one of the best educational systems in the world. Christina got the idea of teaching methods from the Mental Health Association of Finland. They have a book “Find your Resources” that social workers can use. Christine also organized a Painting with Nature Workshop.

Christina is inspired by this first experience as a volunteer at the Women Center and wants to do more volunteering in future. This experience can also help in her further studies. If you have new ideas to make the women learn new things, we welcome you to share them. We provide various sectors to experience volunteering and traveling as far as possible. Feel free to contact us.