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Thank You Eva !

VSN Volunteer Ms.Eva van Dueren den H. who have been volunteering in Nepal at an orphanage called OCRC , Bhaktapur through our volunteer placement program. She served those children for about two weeks. While she volunteered she really enjoyed her time with the orphans in the centre for a noble cause. Before she arrived in Nepal, she raised some money from friends and families in the Netherlands to help the children in Nepal. While she volunteered, she found that those children were in a need of some clothing.The money she collected from her families and friends have been utilized by buying 17 T-shirts to the children living there. The total cost of the T-shirt was Rs.5000. The children from OCRC are very much thankful to Ms. Eva Van.

The T-shirts donated by Ms. Eva, was distributed to the children by our program manager Mr. Gelu Sherpa.

Children from OCRC wearing T-shirts donated by Ms. Eva.