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Teaching English in Buddhist monastery

Teaching English in Buddhist monastery is an amazing opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism and Buddhist culture. Volunteers will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn Vajrayana from Buddhism and witness colourful rituals and prayers. As a volunteer in the teaching English in Buddhist monastery programs, you will work in the monastery where you will teach English to the little monks. During the teaching, you will be encouraged to converse with monks to improve their speech. You will also teach them about grammar rules and try to increase their vocabulary. you will work in the monastery where you will place accommodation for eating and studying. The monasteries are usually very spacious. A central building will house a prayer room. And volunteers should also be flexible practical self-motivated and open-minded to learning about a new culture.

The children come from the poorest families in rural Nepal areas where they live miles from the nearest school and may never have previously attended school. Once they are accepted into the monastery, they receive a formal education. As one would expect from a Buddhist school, students learn the Tibetan language, script, and religion. They also study mathematics, English, and several basic courses. Although many of the youngest children have just left their families and were dropped into this new environment, they take seriously the opportunity to study, learn, and live in a safe environment.

What does teaching in monastery volunteer do?

Teaching in monastery volunteer placements can teach English, Math, and creative and fun activities or sports to the monks for around 3-4 hours per day. Even if you are less experienced, we have teaching materials that help you when needed. In turn, the monks share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. If you ask the monks, you can get the chance to learn meditation techniques and receive in-depth knowledge of the Buddhist culture. This is one of our most popular volunteering posts, due to the unique way it allows you to truly be involved in the life of a Buddhist monastery.

Do I need any qualifications or skills to do this work?

You do not need any specific qualifications for this work, but a good command of the English language is vital. You must also be a culturally sensitive person because you will be working in a religious environment that is likely to be very different from your own. As Buddhist monks have to participate in different religious activities at various times of the year, the structure of your volunteering program can sometimes be altered. We ask you to be flexible to accommodate this.