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Volunteer’s Experience: Wendy at the Women Center

Volunteer Society Nepal has always been open and supportive when it comes to providing volunteering opportunities to volunteers. We are happy that they want to support and make a difference to our projects. Wendy is a biology teacher from the USA. She is here to share her skills with the Women center. Wendy is very optimistic towards the works of Volunteer Society Nepal in helping to empower the women. The attractive and the catchy informative website of VSN is the best reason to choose VSN and volunteer in Nepal.

Wendy’s work at the Women Center

Wendy is very happy and thankful to VSN for providing her the opportunity to be part of the Women center. She is helping the women with the English language and helping them to increase their confidence. “The best part of being in the center is coming up with different activities for them to make their learning effective.” Since she has about 15 years of teaching experiences, she has come up with different ideas like making the ladies write some suggestions on a card and asking them to compare them with each other. In this way they can increase their vocabulary. She also motivates them by giving them stickers for their good work. It might not be a big thing for the ladies but the appreciation is one factor that encourages them to work more. Wendy also organized a doll making workshop for the women, teaching them to make a doll using wool. It turned out to be really productive. The women are very eager and enthusiastic to learn despite their old age and this also motivates Wendy to make her contributions to the center.

Her plans for Nepal

Wendy  says: “I am in Nepal for 3 weeks. The first week I have had language classes and sight-seeing and for the next 2 weeks I will be volunteering in the Women center and the CBIA School”. She also visited Nagarkot and Bhaktapur Durbar Square during her language and culture training. She also has a plan to visit Pokhara and Chitwan, the major tourist destinations of Nepal.

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