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Volunteering in Rainy Season? Yes!

Many volunteers ask us if they should volunteer in rainy season or not. Some people decide beforehand that they do not want to come at all in rainy season. That’s really a shame because Nepal has a lot to offer in the rainy season. The rainy season starts around mid-June, peaks in July and August, and winds down in early September. Below we will give you some reasons why you should still come to Nepal in this time of the year.

It doesn’t rain that much in rainy season

In a lot of Northern European or Northern American regions the rainy seasons seems to be full with dark days and continuous rain. Rain in Nepal is monsoon rain, which means that generally it rains in the afternoon. And then it only rains for a short time. Before or after the rains the clouds clear and there is still a lot of blue skies and sunshine to enjoy! To compare: in Nepal we get almost double the amount of sunshine then what people get in October in the Netherlands.

There are less tourists in rainy season

Some trekking routes will be very busy and some hotels or buses will be fully booked in the high seasons. In rainy season this is no problem to book anything only a short time ahead. And people will be happier with your presence. Don’t worry you will not be lonely! There will still be quite some volunteers, as during the summer time a lot of people will be free to do so.

The cities are more clean and the nature more green in rainy season

The dusty city of Kathmandu will be rinsed and all the dust and smells from the dry season will be flushed out. The air will be more fresh and the streets more clean.

There are still treks you can do with no rain

A couple of treks in Nepal are still without rain as they are on the not-rainy side of the mountains or quite secluded and high up. Our partner organization Travel Society Nepal will advise you on which hikes are still available.

Your time volunteering will be just as enjoyable

So if the rain comes down every once in a while, you will be happy to enjoy your time inside. For example with the monks that you are teaching in the monastery, listening to the rain drops on the roof. Or you find shelter in a little tea shop until the rain stops and enjoy a nice conversation with the locals. And if you accidentally get wet while teaching at your favorite school… do a little dance in the rain and dry up in the sun! It is still nice and warm in Nepal anyway!

Interested in volunteering with us this rainy season? Have a look at our Summer Program!.