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VSN Volunteers Painted the newly built women centre

Volunteer Society Nepal wants to thank Ben Hancox, Jos de Klein and Willemien de Klein for painting the women centre this past week. The interior and exterior have been painted with the supplies VSN provided.

As we are expanding and growing, it is always important to ensure the quality of the facilities is high. Volunteering at the women’s centre is a popular program at VSN. Therefore, we get many volunteers who dedicate their time and skills. Because of this, we are able to provide these women with the education they did not get when they were younger. Hence, we are extremely thankful for each and every volunteer.

The Mission of the Women Centre

Firstly, the mission of the women’s centre is to bridge the education gap in Nepal. Volunteer Society Nepal understands that empowering women is an important step towards independence, empowering families and empowering their local communities. Therefore,  we teach English, Nepali, mathematics, and practical skills to women in Kathmandu. We also hold workshops on important issues, such as menstruation and women’s rights.

Due to a lack of awareness and access to quality education, gender discrimination is a major problem that is fueled by long-held superstitious beliefs and political leaders’ decreased political vision. Because of this, the socio-economic status of women in Nepal is very poor. The women are discriminated against in every aspect of society including health, education, participation, income generation, decision making, access to making policies, and human rights.

Volunteer Society Nepal established the women centre in 2008. Since its inception, VSN has been focusing to empower the women from the local community. Volunteer Society Nepal regularly organizes:

  • Teach Basic English reading, writing skills, math and computer skills
  • Hold workshops, classes, training to interact with women rights and health issuesVSN Volunteers Painted the newly built women centre
  • Organize fun activities
  • Plan and implement tour and recreational program
  • Fun activities
  • Introduce new products and training programs.
  • women’s health check-up program
  • Yoga Classes
  • A volunteer teaching at the women centre Enjoying food at the Women Centre Students and teachers at the women centre Volunteers enjoying food made by the women Students concentrating at the women centre Painting the outside of the women centre working hard to paint the outside of the centre volunteers helping to cook at the women centre A student excited about the new blender!students concentrating on their lesson

    Volunteer Service Abroad: A Lifetime Opportunity

    We offer a wide range of programs. Our projects are aimed at children, youth and women. We want to improve the sustainable development of Nepali communities. Therefore, we place our volunteers in schools, orphanages and centres in Kathmandu. We also place volunteers in other locations through local partner organizations across Nepal. Volunteering is for all ages and we appreciate every single person. We want you to have the best experience, hence according to your skills and length of stay, we will create a program that suits you. We appreciate every single person who dedicates their time and skills to improving Nepal.

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