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How we Keep Our Projects Going

As Volunteer Society Nepal we have a successful way to keep our projects running. We are happy to be a sustainable, professional and local organization that takes good care or our projects, community and volunteers.

We believe that our projects deserve sustainability and continuity, with the help and care of well trained volunteers. Below you will read about 5 sustainable ways how we run our projects and organization

Part of your volunteering and trekking fee goes to our projects

After administration costs, your fee will be combined with other volunteers’ fees and then allocated to one of our projects. We believe that by combining the money together we can make big differences, rather than dripping small amounts into projects and losing it in day to day expenses. For example, with 5000 euro we are able to set up a whole new health clinic, buy a minivan for the disabled center or build new classrooms. These are the projects that make significant changes to the Nepali people. In the last couple of years, we have been able to allocate money to different projects. Such as Earthquake recovery, the building of the Women Center and setting up the Talent School. For more information about our fee structure, go to our fee page.

We have a great team that takes care of you

Upon arrival we will be waiting for you at the Airport, bring you to your home stay family and make sure you are fine. The next day you will meet the local and international staff at the office: Beesal, who arranges your home stay and is there in case of need. Anjila, who takes care of your administration as a volunteer and language training, Gelu who matches you with your placement. And Linda, who you have been communicating with before coming to Nepal. And they all work together if something happens and you need help.

We train you to be a great volunteer

After arrival, you will receive a couple of days of language and culture training. This is very important when you come and volunteer in a strange country. You will learn some important phrases and we will take you around the city to see the important cultural sights. In the meantime, you can ask your guide anything about the Nepali culture. By the time you start your volunteering, you will be more ready and prepared to share your skills.

We have well trained host families

Are you vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/peanut allergic? No problem! Our home stays have a lot of experience and will do anything to make sure you will eat the food you need. Enough rice for this week? Your host will make you pancakes! They will take you around the neighborhood and show you the best places to buy snacks. And they will also ask you where you are going in the evening and call you when you are not home at the agreed time… for your own safety, as if it’s your own family.

We care for your safety and the safety of the people in our projects

That’s why we ask you to get a criminal record check before you come to volunteer with us. When you are here, we make sure you stick to some important rules that adhere to child and vulnerable persons safety. To protect children and vulnerable adults from harm, Volunteer Society Nepal asks each volunteer to sign The VSN Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

Despite a lot of other volunteering organizations, we believe that sustainable projects and a professional organization that cares about projects and volunteers will do a lot of good and that we can continue to do so in the foreseeable future. For more information about volunteering with us click here. And watch our video below.