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The Story of Juli: From Uneducated to Educated

“I belong to a big family. We are a group of 5 sisters including me and one brother. My  younger sister and brother used to go to school. As remaining daughters we helped our parents and took care of the younger ones. As a child, I used to wonder what my life would be like if I read well and get a good job. But things did not go as I had expected. We used to help our parents in the household and we were busy. So, we did not get chance to go to school. But we never complained to our parents about it, because we knew about their hard works and struggles for us. But I used to feel sad when I saw someone of my own age going to school. After my brother returned from school, I used to look at his books and try to learn some alphabets, but it did not help me much.

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I am from the rural village in Sindhupalchowk and I was married at an early age. So I had to take care of my husband and in-laws. So even then I did not get an opportunity for education. Now, I live in Kathmandu and I have been living here since 30 years with my family. I am a mother of a son and a daughter. They both are students and I am very happy to see their progress and hard works at school. My husband works as a driver in the airport picking up people and luggage. We are a happy family.

I had the problem of headache so I had to visit the doctor frequently.  I used to be asked to identify the letters but since I could not recognize any alphabet, I used to take my husband with me. This incident made me very sad and I used to scold myself for not being able to do that. From that time, I had a keen interest in learning to read Nepali and also English. Phones are in English, so I wanted to learn how to read a smartphone. I had to wait for the people to make phone calls and sometimes they used to scold me as I used to ask them frequently. I used to think, if I really knew English I did not have to depend upon then. To be unable to write my own name and fill up the forms… When I used to go for shopping, I was not able to know the price as they were also in English. Life was really difficult and I had to be dependent on others. I always wondered about being able to write. Even simply to write my name and make phone calls.

Later I came to know about the classes conducted by VSN for women. I could see my dreams being fulfilled. Without any second thought I thought of joining the classes. We were a group of 5 or 6 women in the beginning. There were not enough resources and we used to sit on the mat. However, we were very happy because learning was more important for us. I have been learning in the center for the last 6 years and I have found a lot of drastic changes in my life. I am now able to write my own name and fill up the forms without any assistance and even read magazines and newspapers! Life has become easier and convenient. I can make phone calls easily and even send text messages. Even when I go to the supermarket I have no problem in knowing the prices and this has become the biggest achievement so far! And I am very happy to see myself progressing. Even my relatives who used to make fun of me are very happy to see my progress and achievements. And this really inspires me to keep moving forward. My children have grown up and I don’t need to help them. But after joining this center, I am quite sure that I can help my grandchildren with their studies.

The Story of Juli From Uneducated to Educated

My family have always been supportive to my decision of joining the center. My husband even helps me in the household so that I can be on time. Despite the household work, I always go to the center. I am very happy to be associated and learn all these subjects. I am very thankful to the entire team of VSN who came up with such a brilliant idea. We are also thankful to the volunteers who have volunteered and helped us so far. The center has progressed quite a lot now. I have made a lot of friends and we help each other. The most satisfying moment is the one when we are praised for our success and this really helps us work harder and work more. I learn and progress, and therefore I am happy.”

Juli Dangol, Kathmandu, Women Center, Volunteer Society Nepal.

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