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Empowerment by Movie at the Women Center

A farewell program is organized for volunteer Ilona from Belgium. Ilona helped at our Women Center by teaching English language. The women and the volunteer teachers had days with fun, learning and movies. During the farewell, an Indian movie was screened at the center. Volunteer Ilona picked the movie with great care. The women enjoyed the movie with great enthusiasm and inspiration.

Movies for Empowerment

Movies are for entertainment and also serve as a strong motivating force. Some Indian movies are a big motivation and confidence booster for the women. These women are trying to learn English language despite all odds. This Indian movie focuses on a young woman who does not understand English. She feels insecure by her family and society at large. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity. She masters the language and teaches the world a lesson.

Motivation for Learning

The main purpose of this movie is to motivate the ladies to learn English, make their children & family members proud. And also get respect in the society. The positive vibe we felt that day encourages us to organize such events in the future on a more regular basis. The Women Centre would like to thank our volunteer Aniek and Ilona. These two girls made such a wonderful plan gave wonderful support to the center.


Miss Ilona also donated goods worth Nepalese Rupees 28,805 to the Women Centre. These were used for food & furniture and worth Nep Rupees 5405.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Women Center, please have a look at our page.

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