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Volunteer in Nepal with a local company and avoid sky high fees

International volunteering in Nepal is not a new idea. People have been coming here for decades to offer their help and support in any way they can. However, as is often the way when opportunities like this develop, there are lots of people who tend to take a cut of the money involved. What makes Volunteer Society Nepal different is that we are a local Nepali company and so you can be 100% confident that when you volunteer in Nepal your money is going to the country itself, not to pay for advertising and office space abroad.

International vs. local agencies

There are many placement agencies located throughout the developed world. You will see large adverts in magazines and newspapers from companies in the US, UK and Australasia offering volunteer packages throughout Nepal and the rest of the world. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that these large agencies then use local agencies like VSN to manage the placements in Nepal. Despite the difference in cost, the experience you have on the ground is no different, and in fact they are often a lot less flexible than if you arrange to volunteer direct.

International fees are often 2 to 3 times more expensive:

To give you an idea of the huge range in volunteer fees, here is a list of some of the leading organizations worldwide and what they charge for a 6 week program:

I to I$2,256.00
Global Volunteer Initiative$1,661.00
Global Volunteer Network$1,385.00
Global Crossroads$1,335.00
Volunteer Society Nepal$700.

All of these programs offer very similar inclusions. None of them include flights. Volunteer Society Nepal is far better value at between half and a third of the cost.

Affordable volunteer fees do not mean less contribution to local projects:

Looking at global volunteer agency websites, you read about funding for multiple offices around the world and the ever increasing costs of getting listed high up on search engines. However, you very rarely read clear information about what % of your fee goes to the project. The simple reason being… it’s very little. Once they have paid for all their running costs only a minimal amount goes to the organization you are working with. However, we know if you volunteer in Nepal you want to know exactly where your money is going. That is why we give you a clear breakdown on our website according to your length of stay.  Click here. On average it is over 30% of your total fee, far higher than international agencies.

But how do I trust the quality of VSN?

Talk to our previous volunteers. We have placed hundreds of people since we started work in 2004. On our site you can find email addresses of past volunteers who are happy to answer any questions, or you can contact people through our Facebook community group. There is no better recommendation than those people who have come before you. Volunteer Community

We hope you can come and join us to volunteer in Nepal and make sure every bit of your hard earned volunteer fee goes to the right place.

Real Journey Nepal Tour Packages

Our Nepal Travel packages are designed to showcase the masterpieces of architecture in and around Kathmandu that date from the Kingdom’s founding. The ancient Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur are examples of the fine ancient artistry, and nearby museums provide additional historic and cultural context. Kathmandu city also holds two of the holiest pilgrimage sites in the country: Pashupatinath, sacred to Hindus, and Swayambunath, sacred to Buddhists.

We also have travel packages that transport you out of the bustling city and into the peaceful countryside of Pokhara. Nestled on a peaceful lake with views to the Annapurna range, Pokhara makes a perfect weekend escape from the city. Alternatively, animal and nature lovers will love our packages that include Chitwan National Park. With the chance to go on nature hikes, ride elephants, and drive through the jungle on a safari, tourists are guaranteed to encounter many different, endangered animals in their wild habitats in the park.

Looking for a religious experience?

Get in touch with your spirituality in the most spiritual place in the world – Lumbini, the site of the Buddha’s birth. Spiritual packages will also take you to other sacred parts of the country that are home to Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites such as Janaki Temple, Manakamana Temple, Gosainkunda Lake, and Muktinath Temple.

Nepal is an adventure tourist’s paradise – trekking in Nepal, rafting in Nepal, bungy jumping in Nepal, safari touring in Nepal, mountain biking in Nepal, and so many more activities are available here year-round. Whether it’s ascending snowy peaks or rushing down a white-water river in Nepal, Nepal has something for everyone.

With such a unique blend of adventure activities, mountain scenery, historic culture, religious experiences, and colourful festivals, a Nepal travel package with Real Journey Nepal will surely leave a strong impression on you for years to come.

Volunteer Society Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal began a concentrated effort to answer to our social responsibility to Nepal. We have helped develop the managerial and organizational capacities of local institutions, communities, and individuals, to increase the number of self-sustainable improvements through construction, health, environmental and education projects throughout economically disadvantaged areas of Nepal.

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