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Kabita’s Homestay

Kabita’s homestay has been a favorite among many volunteers since 2013

Kabita has been running a homestay close to the office of Volunteer Society Nepal. She takes good care of the volunteers. She is a very loving, caring and a hardworking mother who also cooks delicious food. This is what volunteers enjoy very much, together with her caring and loving nature. She even makes sure that there is WiFi and hot water as well. There are two bedrooms and a dining room where volunteers can spend their quality time together and get to know each other. In the mornings, Kabita has different routines for breakfast. It generally consists of bread, egg,pasta, chapattis and noodles. In the evening the volunteers get the Nepali food of daal bhat with a different vegetable curry.

Learning English or Nepali

“I was not good in English and it was very difficult for me to communicate with the volunteers”, this is how Kabita remembers her days during the beginning in 2013. But now she speaks good English and can communicate well with all sorts of volunteers. She is not only taking good care of the volunteers, but she is also learning English from them.Her keen interest in learning and improving English makes her now capable enough to speak good English. And she is very thankful to all the volunteers for helping her learn.

Guests are like Gods

 In the Nepali culture, we treat guests as our gods, so I am trying to take care of them the best I can”, says Kabita. “We share the same kitchen so we relax and talk there together. The volunteers also get an opportunity to participate in the festivals”. “I am very satisfied with my job as a hostess. It has been providing me an opportunity to pass my time and it has also become the source of income generation. I have become more independent and have been able to manage the household expenses on my own. So far, I have always received positive feedback from the volunteers. This has been encouraging me to continue my work. I have been so much habituated to the volunteers that I often feel lonely during the off-season periods!”

A Volunteer’s experience at Kabita

Kristin has been living in Kabita homestay for about 2 months. She stayed there for a month and then went on a trek. After returning from the trek, she wanted to come back to Kabita. “I am very happy to stay with Kabita, I really enjoy the way she cares about us and make us feel as a part of the family” Says Kristin. “We share the same kitchen and this is the best thing about being a part of the host family. I will miss Kabita when I leave Nepal!”