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Volunteer Experience: Virginia from Italy

This summer, a lot of volunteers from Italy have come through the Italian Association Year Out, to fulfill their dream of volunteering. They share what they know with the people in our projects. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn about each others cultures and learn new things from each other. Virginia Hurle, from Italy shares her personal experience in Nepal. She is a student of psychology. She started to work with Volunteer Society Nepal, and was interested in working with both children and women.

What made Virginia from Italy visit Nepal?

“I came to Nepal through the Italian Association Year Out. I am fascinated by the natural beauty of Nepal, the beautiful sceneries, the hills and the mountains. Beside this I am keen in volunteering and helping the people. That is why I choose Nepal as my destination. I have always been interested in gender and female empowerment. I came to know that VSN has been helping in women empowerment, so without any second thought I decided to become a part of volunteering in Nepal and to work at the women center.”

Activities and Plans of Virginia

I am here for a month. I volunteered and taught at the Women center for almost 2 weeks now. After the Women center I go to the CBIA school and help the teacher and the kids there. After school time I go to the Talent School and help the kids with their homework and plan different activities for them. I will also visit Pokhara where I will be exploring this beautiful city and also go on a trek. After the trek I will be volunteering in a monastery where I will be helping the monks. So I will be helping the kids, women and monks within 1 month time! I am really happy to be able to work with so many different groups.

Experiences as a volunteer at the Women Center

Working in the women center has been the best part of my experience in Nepal until now. I am enjoying working with these wonderful and enthusiastic women. It’s amazing to see their curiosity and their determination to learn despite their older age. Though it’s really a difficult and challenging task to teach them, they never disappoint me because they are always optimistic and keen to learn. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate with them when you are new in the center. But I learned how to keep communication easy and fun. They are like mothers to me so with so many of them I don’t miss my own mom anymore!

I taught them about various topics we use in our day to day life. For example, telling the time, describing the people and different types of vocabulary. I also told them about my life in Italy.

Experiences as a volunteer at the CBIA School

Working in CBIA and helping the kids is also amazing. We are just assistants here, because there are teachers in the school to look after the kids and I am not very experienced teaching. I help the kids by talking with them and practicing English. The kids are very happy and welcoming. They are very curious to know us. Their smiles always encourage me to be friendly and make fun with them!

Experiences as a volunteer at the Talent School

Working in the Talent School was also an amazing part of my experience. There are only 13 kids there and it is very easy to know each of them individually and help them. I planned different activities for them including different creative activities such as painting. The kids really loved the painting and learned a lot! I also made pasta from Italy for them.

Trips and Tours

VSN has been very caring and supportive to me. The sightseeing trips organized by them and the language classes are really great. The arrangements made by VSN during our short visits are also really good. I never had to worry about anything! I have managed to visit different heritage sites despite my busy schedule. So far the VSN guides took me to the Durbar squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. We also went to Boudhanath, Swoyambhunath, Pashupati, Kirtipur and Changunarayan temple. Bhaktapur is an ancient city and a blend of ancient culture and civilization. It is my favorite place so far. I very much look forward to visit and explore Pokhara.

Nepal from Virginia’s point of view

I find Nepal so amazing and wonderful! The people here are so friendly and very helpful. They always find a way to help us. The country is a blend of various cultures and traditions and it is really amazing to see them living in a peace and harmony. The host family is really hospitable and caring. Though language was quite challenging in the beginning, we can always communicate using gestures. They also want to know our culture and share theirs too. The Nepali staple diet that consists of Daal, bhat and a curry,is my favourite and I am loving it a lot.

Messages to new volunteers

Before you make a move to this country, feel relaxed and come. The time you spent in Nepal will really be very productive and worth visiting. VSN will always be there be assist you for the different projects and trips.  If you have any problems, you can always feel free to ask VSN and they will always find a way to help you out. The people are so welcoming, and they won’t make you feel like a tourist. I wish you a very good time in Nepal.

If you want to sign up for volunteering in more projects than just one, please mention this when you apply to volunteer with us!

Volunteer Experience: Virginia from Italy

Volunteer Experience: Virginia from Italy

Volunteer Experience: Virginia from Italy

Volunteer Experience: Virginia from Italy