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Nepali Language Classes

Volunteers consider Language as one of the major criteria to consider before making a move to Nepal. Learning the basics of Nepali helps to communicate with the local people; it helps to buy souvenirs or different items from local shops and helps with traveling on local buses. VSN provides Nepali language classes to all volunteers. This is because we want our volunteers to engage with locals. The classes run from 2 up to 5 days, depending on how long the volunteer will be staying. The volunteer can change this as they wish. Below, we have answered some of the most common questions about VSN’s language classes:

Who teaches?

There are three staff members to teach the Nepali language at the moment. Either Praneesha Shrestha, Shakti Lama or Prem Shrestha will be available to teach you your language classes. They are all very kind and cheerful and they always find a way out to help you. If you have any queries regarding the language, feel free to ask them.

What is taught?

VSN has designed a reference book called “Survival handbook for volunteers”. The handbook contains the sufficient words for situations that you will encounter the most. Firstly, the introduction teaches you the basics of introducing yourself in Nepali. Also included is how to ask for other peoples’ names, age and country. You will practice Nepali inside and outside the classroom. Nepali is an extremely fun language to learn! Further, you will also be taught the names of fruits, vegetables, the correct way of asking for the directions. Most importantly, you will learn expressions such as feeling hungry, feeling tired and so on. This class also really helps you while living with the host family. Hence, learning Nepali is an amazing way to gain a more authentic Nepali experience.

Where and how long?

The VSN office teaches the classes and last approximately 2 hours in the morning. After the completion of the language classes, you will go on afternoon tours to some of the renowned heritage sites of Nepal. The visit is guided by the language teaching staff.

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