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Book Project for the Women Center

The brand new VSN Women Center has begun construction. We are creating a bold new space in the community for women to gather, learn, and support each other. The construction progress is going well, with all the help from many volunteers around the world. On top of this, we as volunteers are setting up another project.

We asked the women what they’d like to see in their new center. Amid some fantasies for a swimming pool and a cinema room, there was a strong desire for educational materials. Materials such as books.

VSN aims to create a small library in the new Women’s Centre. This library will be filled with English and Nepali language books for all levels and interests. We are asking all of our volunteers to bring just three to five books each for this project. For example early beginner books, that the ladies can practice reading with their children. Or short novels, in which they can lose themselves while they expand their understanding of English. Non-fiction books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, visual guides to subjects, and instructional books would also make good reading material.

If each person brings just a few books, in no time we’ll be able to furnish our library project. And we will give the women the educational resources to aid and direct their own learning. Books in good condition, in English language, and appropriate subject matter are preferred, and the more the better!

If you are not volunteering with us this year, but you would like to donate books, please contact us to make arrangements.

Thank you for all of your support,

Volunteer Society Nepal Team and the ladies of the Women Center

If you want to volunteer with the women in this center, please visit this page.

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volunteer nepal women centre

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