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A Volunteer’s Experience: Arnold teaches about the stars

Arnold Tukkers saw a message on Facebook from Volunteer Society Nepal: they are looking for people with knowledge of astronomy. There is a telescope at the local school, but there is no knowledge on how to use it. Arnold immediately knew: I’m going to Nepal! After an enthusiastic crowdfunding campaign, he is now in Nepal and he shares his astronomy knowledge with the children of the local school.

Why did you come to Nepal?

I read a message on Facebook and I responded. I work at the observatory in the Netherlands. And because I really like this work, I thought “I can do the same in Nepal!” It’s also for a good cause so that makes it all even more beautiful. In addition, I always wanted to go to Nepal, so that fits together perfectly!

How is your collaboration with the school?

My collaboration with the school is going very well. Every morning I walk into the school and look for the principal or vice-principal. Then I have a chat. I can make good agreements with both about what I will do that day. That always works perfectly as the times of teaching are correct and everyone is on time. I also like it that I got my own classroom from the school, its the ICT room with a beamer. Children come in and I really am the teacher who is awaiting them at the entrance and then teaches them.

What are the children like?

Children are the same all over the world. It often feels the samen as when I’m dealing with Dutch children. They are just as enthusiastic, they respond the same and they come up with the same questions! I like the teaching the most: in the classroom, together with the children and being interactive. I tell them a lot but I also ask a lot of questions!

Do you want more Information about the ‘Stars for Nepal’ project?

We are looking for more people who want to share their astronomy knowledge. Iif you are interested then look at our ‘Stars for Nepal’ project page and contact us here.