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St Michael College in Nepal

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed educators, parents, and students from St. Michael College in the Netherlands. The upcoming event is set to be a truly enriching experience for us all, as we gather to exchange cultural and educational insights with the Nepali children and students of CBIA school. During their two-week stay, the students of St. Michael College will be engaging with students of different levels in a variety of subjects including science and technology, environmental awareness and pollution, drama and theatre, art and craft, dance, sports, and martial arts.

We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to share our unique perspectives, learn from one another, and establish long-lasting connections that go beyond borders and cultures. Our sincere hope is that this event will foster a sense of global community and promote cross-cultural understanding, as we strive to build a more inclusive and interconnected world.

In this spirit, we aim to create a collaborative learning environment where both the students and educators from St. Michael College and CBIA school can engage in meaningful discussions and activities, leading to a deeper appreciation and understanding of each other’s cultures and backgrounds. We believe that this event will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, enabling us to build a stronger foundation for a brighter future. Through our shared experiences and common goals, we can work together to create a more harmonious and equitable world, where diversity is celebrated and embraced. We are truly excited about the prospect of working together, and we look forward to the positive impact that this event will have on all of us.