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Special Volunteer Projects in Nepal

In the last two years, Volunteer Society Nepal has developed four SPECIAL and DIFFERENT projects. These are based upon requests from the local community. They fullfill a real need in Nepal and, through these, volunteers can have a real impact:

Lego for Nepal School Exchange

LEGO® for Nepal is a two week long school exchange program for high school students between the age of 15 and 19 year old. LEGO® for Nepal is a program developed by Volunteer Society Nepal in collaboration with the Edulent Foundation. A team of high school students, with teacher guidance, comes to Nepal to work together with a Nepali school and set up a new Nepali LEGO® Challenge team.

Hockey for girls

There are lots of sports for boys but not really for the girls here in Nepal. Girls are often stigmatised and told that they can dance and sing, but not do sports. However, research shows that playing sports empowers girls, making them stronger and more independent. As a hockey player, through this special project, you can come and share your skills.

Climate Ambassador

There is a lack of knowledge and awareness on Climate and Recyling here in Nepal. As a volunteer, you can raise awareness among Nepali youth on important issues. For example Environmental care, Climate, Recycling and Sustainability. You will give workshops at schools, set up youth clubs, talk with local supporters and set up awareness campaigns and cleanup events in the area.

Stars for Nepal

The schools throughout Nepal have a lesser quality of education than many other countries. Many subjects are being taught through the ‘chalk and talk’ method. Here children simply repeat what is being said by the teacher. Teachers find subjects as Science, Math and Physics complicated to teach. Children lack inspiration from education and therefore lack a positive outlook to the future. As an astronomist you can come and show the kids here how the universe looks like!

Thanks to our Volunteers

Volunteer Society Nepal is very grateful that we have succesfully developed these projects with the help of so many people: Tirzah Berger, Laura Goldberg, Hellen Bottema, Angela Wellink, Arnold Tukkers and many many more!